Friday, August 6, 2010

ManTaiNinG WagE Of RamDhaN

  • Take care of our tongue from lie,gossip and interfere with another person that not concerned with.

  • Take care of our eyes and ears from see and hear anything that prohibited by the Islamic Law.

  • Control stomach from foods and drink that are illegal during break and attempt for yield the food that are lawful and clean.

  • Take care our five senses and our body from do the sin and anything that futile.

  • Do not sleep to much during daytime and do not eat to much during night.

  • Avoid ourself from follow the passion during break with multifarious type of foods that is delicious.

  • Do not make ourself busy with earthly matter during Ramadhan,however take the opportunity for perform religious obligations.

  • Practise the practise of circumcision such as break with immediately,break with date and enough break with a glass of water.

  • Prepared the break's foods to the people who is fasting with a few of date and a glass of water.

  • Complete our night with practise of circumcision such as "solat terawih","witir" and others.

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